Healthcare team

Community nurses

A team of district nurses are available for home nursing when necessary and also for general nursing advice. They are responsible for the assessment and nursing care of individuals within their own home and help facilitate early discharge from hospital by providing a level of personal service according to individual needs. They also contribute to the continuing care of the chronically sick, terminally ill, elderly and housebound in the community.

Health visitors

The health visitors deal with families and children. Their remit extends to the whole community in a variety of settings from clinics to the home and school.

They are based at Brierley Hill Social Care Centre, DY5 1RU.

Telephone: 01384 321222.

Community midwives


Annie Bailey

Annie Can help you deal with muscle, joint ache or pain in your neck, back, arms or legs. Please consider asking for an appointment with our physiotherapist who can offer an assessment, discuss your management and give you advice and exercises where appropriate.

Psychology counsellors